Sunday, 22 December 2013 10:08

Ladies, the next time you hit the gym or walk past one, don't just walk on by updating your FaceBook status. Don't be afraid to check out that cute guy who is getting hard and heavy...with his muscles and the weights he's lifting in the gym. Here are 11 Reasons To Date A Gym Guy:

1) They are passionate at what they do.

Chances are if they are into you, they'll go that extra rep...errr we mean mile, for you too.

2) They are strong.

Although money is one good form of security, it cannot help you carry your shopping bags or give you that assurance of safety while walking in a dingy place.

3) Most gym guys have good physique.

Why dream and drool of hunks such as Taylor Lautner (Twilight), Chris Evans (Captain America), Ryan Gosling (in Crazy, Stupid Love), Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham when you can have one by your side letting you taste a piece of his Roti John (or whatever cheat meal he's having with you)?

4) They are health nuts.

With 87% of women's new year's resolution is to look good and have a healthier life, what more better than to have your own personal health guru to keep you in check. (Ok, so we made that number up. But hey, almost everyone has similar NY resolutions)

5) They look good in any clothes.

Singlet, shirt, hoodie, suit or even an absurd costume, these gym guys can pull them off....easily.


6) Ok, they look good without any clothes on too.

That chiselled frame and sporty physique would look just as good with a pair of Calvin Klein's.

7) They know their nutrition.

Protein shake. Protein shake. Protein shake. 

8) They are success driven.

You can measure a man's drive by that last rep which he has to finish. 

9) They are a team player.

Majority of gym going guys train together in small groups. They learn the importance of helping one another and pushing each other to reach greater heights. Now, wouldn't you want a guy who is supportive?

10) They have good sense of humour.

Believe it or not, though they might look cute and menacing while working out, gym guys are often docile and humourous beings if you get to know them well. 

11) Lastly, they have a good shoulder to cry on.

Like literally good set of deltoids or chest for you to rest your head on when you are feeling down.



P.S, Guys if you are reading this, this is the cue for you to start hitting the gym soon.

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