Tuesday, 11 February 2014 00:00

V-day's just round the corner and love (& chocolates) is in the air. To those lonely bros out there, we feel you, brah! But don't worry too much, aite... Here's a sequel to 11 Reasons To Date A Gym Guy and we just gotta ask our true blue SEA Games Gold Medallist Rower, Aisyah to tell us 11 Reasons To Date A Gym Girl! (Can I get a "Whuuuttt!").

1. We've got confidence.

Do u know how much guts it takes to be in the corner where the real weights are, not where those plastic dumbells are, and lift with the men?

2. We are your motivation.

When we gym, you gym. When we increase number of reps or add weights, you'd want to do the same. Ego, baby. You will never want to lose to us.

3. We're understanding.

When all you want to do after legs day is to sleep,  we totally understand.

4. We are independent.

We can carry our own handbags, totebags, gymbags, shoebags and even shopping bags. That's how we got 'em toned arms.

5. We help u save money.

Buying protein powder together in bulk to save cost.


6. We're your Victoria's Secret (VS) angel. 

We have wings, too.

7. We look good in anything we wear, even sweatpants.

And yes, we look even better in nothing.

8. We know what Beastmode is.

We can go beastmode, too. Both in the gym and elsewhere. (you feeling me, brah?)

9. There's more things to talk about during our dates.

Supersets. Dropsets. Intervals. Negatives.

10. We are committed.

Like how we stick to our training programme, there is a high possibility we'd stick to you too.

11. Cause there's a saying that couples that train together stay together, right?




Roses are red,

Violets are blue

We are in LOVE,

With a gym girl like YOU.

So fellas, may you find your gym girl one day.


Writer: Aisyah R.

Singapore‚Äôs FIRST ever female gold medallist in rowing, at the Southeast Asia Games. Check out her blog at http://www.aisyahrower.com/