Thursday, 12 May 2016 13:23

This weekend, history was made as ONE Championship crowned its first-ever women's world champion and the world's youngest-ever MMA champion.

Angela Lee is 19 years old, undefeated, and now holds an impressive 6-0 record with 5 submissions. She took a hard won decision victory against Mei Yamaguchi, the Deep Jewels Featherweight champion. Yamaguchi has over 9 years of experience in MMA, having never been finished. She is undoubtedly the toughest opponent Lee has ever faced.

Lee made short work of her opponents in previous fights, winning all of them by submission and under 2 rounds. This time round she displayed much tenacity and put to rest any possible doubts detractors might have had regarding her stamina. Lee utilized her reach advantage well, forcing Yamaguchi into leaping in and out of range, which opened up counters. However Yamaguchi did land the most damaging strike of the fight in the opening seconds of the third round, dropping Lee with a hard cross.


(credit: getty images)

The majority of the fight was spent on the ground, with both fighters comfortable trading submission attempts and sweeps. Lee pulled ahead, scoring points with countless trip takedowns, sometimes even pulling guard to get to the ground. She also displayed more aggression with more attempted submissions.

"I told you guys, I was born for this," she said later. "This moment right here, I worked really hard for it. I couldn't do this by myself. It takes a whole army to build a champion, and I'm really lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people."



Writer: Benjamin Wong
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