Think you and your gym buddies have what it takes to be the very best that no one ever was? Well, time to put all those talk into action in this first ever inter-gym team competition, with prize money enough for your team to buy protein shakes for the many months!

Local fitness event - Absolute Fitness Throwdown (AFT) Singapore 2015 brought plenty of fitness junkies and sporty athletes to Kovan Hub on 14th June and it appeared that the battle of wits between the competitors were close. The multi-fitness event co-organized by Abvolution, Community Sports Club (CSC) and Crossfit Hub was a first of its kind held for the masses to promote a competitive yet fun environment for such fitness activities.


Thursday, 19 March 2015 23:31

At the gym? Better check in else it doesn't count. Once you're done, finish off with a nice tan and show off your hard work at the largest display of #spornosexual happening next month. Boomz!

AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 has passed which gives way to another coming tournament this weekend (13 & 14 Dec 2014), The Asia Youth cup 2014 organized by 2Touch soccer school (Singapore). That’s right this football tournament will have youth clubs (youths aged below 16) taking over the game, which is refreshing!

Calling out all brothers and sisters in iron! If you love lifting and/or are into the gym scene, check out this exciting event in happening in April! Come challenge yourselves or come and mingle, support and learn from the one another in this testosterone pumped rep-off challenge!