Think you and your gym buddies have what it takes to be the very best that no one ever was? Well, time to put all those talk into action in this first ever inter-gym team competition, with prize money enough for your team to buy protein shakes for the many months!


Thursday, 19 March 2015 23:31

At the gym? Better check in else it doesn't count. Once you're done, finish off with a nice tan and show off your hard work at the largest display of #spornosexual happening next month. Boomz!

With rising cost of living in Singapore, one cannot help but to find ways to try and make ends meet either by trying to find ways to make more money or trying to find ways to save money. Well, here at, we do the crime in finding the best ways to make the most of the latter. While you, just do the the gym.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been inspired to hit the gym regularly or took up gym memberships. But sometimes, we tend to give it a miss for a day or two...or everyday... or 5 years in a row. Well, that is a different story altogether. Here are some of the most hilarious (yet so common) excuses Singaporeans offer to avoid the gym.

Guys, so you hit the gym often (or once a while) and naturally, the full length mirrors down the free weights station seem to act like a photobooth magnet for most of you. Just did some warm ups? Its #selfie time. Just did  some curls? Its #selfie time. Heck, everytime is #selfie time! Let's skip the BS and here are the 13 Most Common Gym Selfies for Men....and what the ladies think of them. You ready, brah?

Last time, we published an article on "What is the right whey?". But with many different types of protein shakes and powders out there in the market, many might be confused. One question which many (newbie) fitness enthusiast might ask is - What do protein shakes do? 

Calling out all brothers and sisters in iron! If you love lifting and/or are into the gym scene, check out this exciting event in happening in April! Come challenge yourselves or come and mingle, support and learn from the one another in this testosterone pumped rep-off challenge! 

Most of us know of people who train and/or hit the gym to keep themselves fit and healthy. Chances are, you are probably one of them too. While some of these people are "new year resolutioners", most others take pride and discipline over their fitness regimes. Whether or not they are training for a sport or simply for a competition, the majority of men and women hit the gym for these "4 main reasons". And its not all about keeping fit and healthy.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014 00:00

V-day's just round the corner and love (& chocolates) is in the air. To those lonely bros out there, we feel you, brah! But don't worry too much, aite... Here's a sequel to 11 Reasons To Date A Gym Guy and we just gotta ask our true blue SEA Games Gold Medallist Rower, Aisyah to tell us 11 Reasons To Date A Gym Girl! (Can I get a "Whuuuttt!").

You might have heard many terms thrown around (inside and out of) the gym by your fellow gym dudes and dudettes. Some easy to catch and some totally missing their mark. Here's a brief primer on the (first) 10 lingo you should know to be included in discussions about slaying fat and training like a bro!