Saturday, 06 February 2016 17:38

Latest to join the Puma Ignite shoes series is the Ultimate. To prove that they are fit for mere couch potatoes to wear, we were invited to put them on and dragged to an evening run as part of the product launch.



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Upon arrival at the Puma VivoCity outlet, a ragtag bunch of people fumbled around the store while waiting for the few available seats to put on the demo pair. Some of us looked like seasoned athletes, while others looked like they were just dragged off their desks and forced to cover their product in person. All the while, the strong, svelte Puma ambassadors were eyeing us up and down, judging our abilities.
Aside from the imaginative narrative, the guests and I were put through a brief circuit consisting of the agility ladder, sprints and a short scenic run down Sentosa Boardwalk to see how the shoe fares.
Below are the 3 Ultimates promised by the product and a short review:
1. Ultimate Energy Return
The Ignite Foam does prove to give your step that rebound. However since there’s a significantly thicker foam at the heel, you can feel a noticeable disparity when you step from the back to the front.
2. Ultimate Step-in Comfort
Indisputably, the 3-layer upper mesh is love at first step. A firm grip nearer to the heels, with a track design near the Achilles tendon to ensure that it doesn’t slip off. The front is roomy enough to not feel constricted.
3. Ultimate Cushioning
As mentioned, the thicker Ignite Foam works like hydraulics for every step. The sole design mimics the flow of your step, so it transits smoothly. 
The short half-hour circuit finally ended, and we were already sweating buckets. We got enough footages to update our Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/blog, at the risk of passing out from exhaustion. Back at the store, we were treated to some iced water, a token door gift and a delicious 30% discount. Alright, that should hit the weekly quota for the National Steps Challenge.
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Availability and Promotion
You can get yours now for SGD199 at the nearest Puma retail store and authorised dealers. If you get yours now, you get a chance to test them out by working out with the Puma ambassadors! 

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Writer: M. Farhan Rais (@iisgHAN)

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