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Lately, a lot of people have been sharing their "Join the Singapore FitClub" movement on FaceBook and the more entrepreneurial ones, are distributing flyers to people of all walks of life. Out of curiousity we decided to probed in deeper and realised that this "FitClub" is part of a movement led by a MLM-health company called Herbalife. Before you put down your money to join such "clubs", you should ask yourself - "How legit is this FitClub?"

The fitness community in Singapore is very diversed in nature. We have different demographics and groups of people involved in a plethora of fitness/sporting activities such as running, bodybuilding, crossfit, cycling, swimming and the list goes on. Though it is good the community is picking up steam in Singapore, there have been many other mini fitness groups popping up around the island, promoting health and wellness - and one of which is Herbalife's "FitClub". 




Like all things sporty, healthy and fitness related, we are very much supportive of people who want to improve their health and lead an active and sporting lifestyle. Herbalife's "FitClubs" does just that (with probably a hidden agenda too). 

But in its defence, it has spawned multiple "fitclubs" around the island, with some having more than 30 participants having a a mass work out in public places or rented studios, bringing together people from all walks of life and uniting under a specific fitness umbrella - kinda reminds me of CrossFit though.




Herbalife's "FitClub" does what it does - that is it conducts fitness and health trainings for the people who join the community. Sounds good enough right? But as mentioned earlier, we got to ask ourselves - "How legit is this?" because apparently, the trainers and wellness/health coaches are simply people like you and me who probably went on a fitness crash course and *poof!* CERTIFIED COACHES! 



By definition, a Coach is "someone who trains an athlete or a team of athletes," and yes, one who conducts a fitness program for group of people IS considered a "coach". But really, just because someone knows a few things about your body, like where your biceps and abs are as well as performing basic exercise routines (which you can rip off YouTube and your secondary school P.E lesson plans), does that qualify someone to be a fitness coach? Let alone conduct a mass work out program for people of all ages/health. 

If you would not seek medical/surgical aid from a any Tom, Dick or Harry who watches Grey's Anatomy or hire a "self-proclaimed lawyer" who learns from the TV series, Suits, then the same ought to be applied to your health and fitness coaches as well.



Thing is, such profession (notice we used the term PROfession) takes months or even years to (not even) master everything about fitness and health. And of course, successfully help you achieve your fitness goals AS SAFELY AS POSSIBLE...without pushing you (overpriced) products while at it (we'll get to that later). In fact, most reputable personal trainers could get you discounts on supplement brands or equipment instead.

(#JustWondering: Had there been no Herbalife, would these "coaches" still want to go through months of certification and trainings and be in this fitness line?)



Remember that Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company. Do they really care that they are hiring the best and most knowledgeable health experts to sell and represent their products? No! Their first priority is to expand their downline! If you ever have been approached by a Herbalife distributor before to join them (I bet many of you were), the first thing most of them will try to sell to you is the idea of starting your own business, getting passive income and making money, NOT ask if you have extensive knowledge about fitness!

People join Herbalife to make money, not to research, learn and educate people about fitness! And honestly, Herbalife distributors are so damn annoying!!! They just keep bugging people to join the MLM! Seriously! (Fabodylous, 2014)





Secondly, Herbalife products are crazily overpriced. And it makes sense why. If a sale of a product has to produce profit for the distributor, his/her upline and Herbalife themselves, the mark up must be high! Look at the examples below. And I just found out something VERY fishy about their products. Neither Herbalife.com or Herbalife.com.sg displays their products’ ingredients or nutrition facts. Hmm.. we wonder why.



YES REALLY! Take a look below!


(Picture credits to Fabodylous.com)

Comparing pound to pound and dollar to dollar for the same or similar amount of nutrition, it can clearly be seen that Herbalife's products are a tad more expensive than what you could probably get off other supplement sites such as NutriFirst.net, NutritionPark.com or iHerb.com.



Having the permission to republish and adapt the original article from Fabodylous.com, we too feel that there will be people who would be up against what we have mentioned earlier. And of course, supporters and distributors of Herbalife will try to flame us back and debate my points with some stupid fitness myths. Thankfully, Fabodylous.com will answer to your myths right away.



Herbalife Supporter: But I’ve gotten some results from Fit Club. It works!

Fabodylous: Any beginner who is sedentary and is eating a diet full of junk food can see some improvement by adding just a bit of exercise to his weekly routine and replacing some of those junk food with wholesome unprocessed food. Anyone can do that easily. However, after a short while, the improvements will stall and this person will have to find ways to continue making progress. You will need precise and scientifically-backed methods to continue getting stronger and leaner.


MYTH #2 

Herbalife Supporter: You don’t know anything. You gain all your muscles from steroids!

Fabodylous:I’ve been training for 12 years, read dozens of books and magazines written by top athletes and researchers, took a course by one of the most scientifically-based training centres in Australia, trained with and talked to top local athletes and fitness professionals, read research journals about diet and training, interviewed two top professional bodybuilders (including a legend), competed in 9 bodybuilding contests (won one and placed well in others) and I’m still in search of new knowledge. How about you? :)



Herbalife Supporter: Training in the gym is so anti-social! I rather train in a big group.

Fabodylous:Think again. Unless you’re really unfriendly, you are bound to make friends in the gym. And these people may even your brothers/sisters in iron for life! Best part is, they won’t try to sell you anything or ask you to join an MLM! :D
Who said that gym life is anti-social?



Herbalife Supporter: But I don’t want to be big and bulky like a bodybuilder! I just want to get fit. I don’t need advanced training/knowledge and those bodybuilding supplements.

Fabodylous: Firstly, the goal of a bodybuilder and a recreational person is exactly the same – to build more strength and muscle and to be as lean as possible. It’s just that bodybuilders take it to the extreme. As for supplements, both bodybuilders and recreational people need the same thing – nutrients (protein, carbs, essential fatty acids, fibre, vitamins, minerals, water). It’s just that supplements are marketed differently! And there is no advanced knowledge or basic knowledge. There’s just RIGHT and PROVEN knowledge or crap. So stop believing in crap!



Herbalife Supporter: But I’m old and weak. I can’t lift weights or my bones will break.

Fabodylous: The opposite is actually true. Instead of weakening your body, weight training has been shown to strengthen muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. Just start light, slowly build your way up and most importantly, get someone with the right knowledge to train you! :)




Writing this article does not mean we are against people who are in this Herbalife "FitClubs" but merely we would like to bring about certain awareness in the fitness scene for those of you who might consider joining such groups. It is important to know what qualifications your coaches have as well as be open to other nutritional options/choices available.

The irony of things is that when you are lazy, you tend to try and find short cuts to getting back in shape and start relying on things like abs trimmer, slim belts and fat burning pills bullsh*t. 



To most people, the concept of being fit and healthy is very appealing even if results are subpar. If anything, they still have the community to fall back on and support them - which again, is the main draw. 

Most people dont want real training. They just want to FEEL like they are doing something. Fitness (sadly) is more of an emotional issue rather than anything else.




 Article adapted from "Why You Should Avoid Herbalife’s Fit Club Like A Plague" by Fabodylous.