Tuesday, 17 December 2013 20:22

Most guys we know dread taking the Individual Physical Proficiency Test a.k.a IPPT. Be it whether or not you are still serving or have gladly ORD-ed donkey years ago, the mandatory IPPT has to be taken by physically fit men regardless of age, weight, size of biceps or one's visits to the gym. Over the years, 5 distinct groups of men stand out every single time in this mass congregation of testosterones. Which one are you?

Update: #2 and #3 no longer apply. Hooray!

1) The Sibeh Gao Lat a.k.a Awesome 

That one guy who'll be there probably decked in the latest sports wear/gear and completing each of the obstacles with ease. 40 sit-ups for 5 points and GOLD? They'll do till the clock runs out, chances are they'll be doing 50. 2.4km is a walk in the park for them, scoring a time below 9:45min without getting their singlet all drenched like the others do. They epitomise the pride of the force. 

2) The I-Cannot-Jump Guy

These men come in all shapes and sizes. Skinny, large, tall, short or even muscular ones. But the one thing they all have in common is that they cannot jump for nuts. Probably wrong technique or simply lack of lower body training or motor-skills, they are a fun bunch to watch at the Standing Broad Jump (SBJ) station. Those condemned in this category would end up evolving into #5 in the future. 

3) The No-Chin-Ups Dude

As per title - this guy cannot do chin ups. Period. Possible contributing factors include lack of upper body training after ORD and gaining so much weight in the belly region it simply weighs them down. Sad. Some attempts to achieve some counts would include kicking the air, jumping from the platform and doing one chin up (but no count) and not fully extending the arms before pulling themselves back up. Sometimes, #2 and #3 come hand-in-hand for God knows why.

4) The Joggers

The Joggers are guys who would literally do not give a flying #$@&! (as quoted from my sergeant) about running. THEY HATE RUNNING and would often complete their 2.4km in 13 minutes or more. Despite their sporty get-up, they like to gather together with friends and walk/jog the whole 2400m while probably holding their waist and looking down. Boys, it ain't gonna grow any bigger doing that. #JustSaying

5) The Money Bags Boy

With incentives such as $400 for GOLD achievers, $200 for SILVER and $100 for PASS, IPPT has become a mining ground for these group of guys looking for ways to get some additional moo-lahs from the Government. "Money talks. Legs run. Do it for the money." they would say. If you do the maths, a single IPPT session could easily last 40 minutes in total thus making that amount of money in less than hour, hey, who wouldnt be motivated eyy?! These guys are not in it because they love IPPT, they just love the money that comes with it.  

6) The RT Men

Lastly, we have the RT (Remedial Trainings) men. These group of men may not be part of the IPPT session but you can say that they are kinda like the veterans of the test. Having failed one too many times in IPPT, these guys make up a bulk of the group gathered at the test centres. Often can be seen in over sized singlets and standard issued SAF running shoes, they would hang around the waiting area looking at the men who have just completed their IPPT and wishing that they do not have to come for the remedial trainings.


That being said, IPPT, like many other tests and exams in school, requires one to practice and train for it if you ever want to achieve a PASS. Having need to clear the IPPT once a year might seem like a burden to many but if you were to look on the bright side of things - it is actually helping us keep track of our fitness level. As cliché as it may sound, "The greatest wealth is health" is something we should all keep it close to heart.

Most of our sedentary lifestyle choices cripple us and indirectly cause us to become unhealthy being. Yes, RT may s**k and take up loads of time but i guess if we can all learn to look after what we eat and play some sporting activity on a weekly basis, it'll help you level up your fitness in no time and PASS that (dreaded) IPPT.

Read more about IPPT Doomsday Preppers or check out the SingaSports Gym Radar to find your nearest gym around you and start working out.  If you ain't gonna do it for your country, the least you could do is to do it for yourself and your loved ones.